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FAQ Page

General Questions

What sports does CCSL offer and when?

Winter Season (Jan-Apr): Basketball

Summer Season (Jun-Aug): Soccer, Sand Volleyball, Flag Football

Other sports may be added in the future if there is an interest. Contact the board if you have any suggestions.

What are the requirements to play in the CCSL?

Players wishing to be a part of CCSL must:

Attend Mass at their Team Church weekly throughout the season.
Participate in a weekly church program.
Meet CCSL and Church behavior code of conduct requirements.
Pay the player fee.

Do I need to tryout?

CCSL does not offer tryouts. This is a recreation league, all players are welcome as long as they meet the age requirements and register by the deadline.

What are the costs to play?

Player fee costs vary per sport. See the registration page for more information.

There also may be additional costs for practice facility rental. This is varies by church and is at the discretion of the church administrator.

What are my payment options?

We now offer credit card payments via the online registration form. Cash & Check (made out to CCSL) will be accepted at the league practice held 1 week before the season begins.

Can I still be a part of the CCSL, if my family cannot afford the player fee?

Yes. CCSL provides financial aid for those families unable to pay for the player fee. To request financial aid please speak with your team coach, who in turn will speak with a CCSL administrator. The family will be required to complete a financial aid request form prior to a determination being made.

When is the last day a player can be added to a team roster?

The last day to register will be announced on the site.

After this date players will be added to a waiting list. Players on the waiting list will be added to teams if space is available.

The absolute last day to be added to a roster is the first day of games.

To be on the roster a player must have paid the player fee, turned in a permission slip, and verified their birthday.

When are practices, where are they held and is there a cost?

Practices details (time, location, fees) are different for each church. Practices take place in the vicinity of the church you are representing. Time, location and fees are communicated by the coach. Costs are determined by the Admin for each church. It is the team’s responsibility to raise the appropriate funds to cover these expenses.

Basketball Season

When does registration take place?

Registration will begin the month of November, exact dates will be posted on our site.

When does the season run?

Basketball games are Sunday’s from January to March/April. League Practice Day takes place the Sunday after New Year’s Day* with the season beginning the following Sunday.

* Subject to change

Where are Basketball games played?

All games are held at the Boys & Girls Club on the Northwest corner of Lincoln Ave & Campbell, 1/2 mile north of I-696:

Boys & Girls Club

1545 East Lincoln Avenue

Royal Oak, MI 48067-3400

When will the schedule be available?

Schedule will be available the week following the League Practice Day

Summer Sports

When does registration take place?

Registration will begin the month of May, exact dates will be posted on our


When does the season run?

Summer sports are Saturday’s in the summer from June to August. League Practice Day takes place the Saturday after Memorial Day* with the season beginning the following Saturday.

* Subject to change

Where are Summer Sports games played?

All summer sports games are played at the Southfield Sports Complex located on Evergreen between 10 mile and I-696.


Who should I contact if I am interested in coaching?

If anyone is interested in coaching, please contact your church admin or email [email protected]

Can I receive service hours?

Yes. Inform a CCSL board member at the beginning of the season that you’d like to put your time towards service hours. At the end of the season the board will sign the appropriate paperwork confirming your service time.

What positions for coaching are available?

All churches, at any given time, may have open positions in the following age brackets:



Varsity (16-18 years)

Junior Varsity (13-15 years)

Middle School (10-12 years)


Varsity (14-18 years)

Middle School (11-13 years)

Soccer (co-ed)

Middle School (10-13 years)

High School (14-18 years)

Volleyball (Girls)

Middle School (10-13 years)

High School (14-18 years)

What is the role of a CCSL coach?

The role of a CCSL Coach is to:

Teach your players sportsmanship as well as the game itself.
Hold practices with your players.
Communicate important dates to your team.
Represent CCSL, your church, and team in a Christian manner.

What is the role of a CCSL admin?

The role of a CCSL Admin is to:

Communicate with the secretary of your church.

Make announcements about CCSL during masses, via bulletins, etc.

Be on good terms with your church clergy and parish council and to help communicate CCSL events.

Recruit Coaches and ensure they are doing their job (role model for players, collecting Permission slips, money, etc.)

Coordinate practice facilities (potentially).

Coordinate fundraisers.

Be the contact person for the CCSL E-Board.