Chaldean Youth Basketball (CYB) |
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Chaldean Youth Basketball (CYB)

Registration is open for the Chaldean Diocese of St. Thomas the Apostle, 2020 Chaldean Youth Basketball (CYB) program for high school boys and girls.

This league is more than just basketball. It’s about coming together in the name of someone who died so that we can live… and His Name is Jesus!


We strongly encourage all teens to attend high school youth group while you have the chance. Youth group schedules are as follows:


  • .COM @ Mother of God (Mondays)
  • DOC @ St George (Tuesdays)
  • MRUS @ Holy Martyrs (Wednesdays)
  • CLC @ St Thomas (Wednesdays)
  • Super Saints @ OLPH (Wednesdays)
  • CLC @ St Joseph (Thursdays)


League Schedule:

Regular Season – March 7 – May 16

Playoffs – May 23

Finals – May 30



$100.00 – Per player

*Includes jersey

** Does not include practice time. Practice times are available by reservation with Amer Bally at (586) 945-3424 . Cost is $40 per hour for teams.

Be advised, gym reservation ends at 9p.m. for those under 18 on school nights.